Hänel CleanStore
The optimal solution for storage in the clean-room
Clean solutions for storage in clean-room environments
The effective, space-saving storage concept in low-particle clean-rooms with time-proven Hänel Rotomat® or Lean-Lift® technology.

The Hänel CleanStore principle is based on a sophisticated double-wall technology combined with ventilation systems. Air-conditioning can be added as an option.

The CleanStore technology in the Hänel storage systems is used primarily in the electronics and semiconductor industry as well as in medical engineering – wherever a high level of air cleanliness is required for production.
Security for products that are sensitive to humidity and corrosion
Hänel‘s DryStore® storage units are the optimal solution for keeping hygroscopic components under conditions of very low humidity. This includes pharmaceutical raw materials and sensitive electronic components that have to be protected additionally from corrosion and aging.
Cost-efficient storage at controlled temperatures
The Hänel ClimateStore® technology allows Hänel storage units to be used either as cold stores or as heated storage systems, e. g. for drying components.

Ideal for the chemical industry, pharmacies and even for companies in mechanical engineering and the motor manufacturing industry.
 Storage of highly sensitive medical instruments
in a Hänel Lean-Lift® of DryStore® design
 Storage at controlled temperatures in a Hänel Lean-Lift® of ClimateStore® design
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