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More trade fair highlights
from CeMAT 2014
Hänel storage systems for heavy-duty loads
The Hänel Lean-Lift® high-speed version achieves a vertical speed of 7.54 ft/sec with an empty extractor, making it the fastest vertical lift system on the market!

The Hänel Lean-Lift® is now available in a high-speed version. The vertical speed of travel, for example with containers having a load capacity of up to 1.100 lbs, is 7.54 ft/sec with an empty extractor, and 3.28 ft/sec with a loaded extractor. Horizontally the extractor travels joltfree at a speed of 1.64 ft/sec.

Boost order picking performance with the Hänel Rotomat®

The speed of rotation has been improved by up to 70%, depending on the application. Special multifunction carriers have been developed to give the stored items added security.

The average access time is consequently reduced by up to 40%, enabling Hänel once again to substantially improve order picking performance.
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 Customers are already using the high-speed version of the Hänel Rotomat® industrial storage carousel for their order picking with great success.
The Hänel Lean-Lift® with VendiShelf-System
For some time now, Hänel has offered the Lockomat® vertical storage carousel for error-free and secure retrieval. The compartment doors, which are closed automatically or manually, protect the stored goods from unauthorized access.

Now developers have succeeded in creating a similar system for the Hänel Lean-Lift®. The Hänel VendiShelf system allows small to medium-sized items to be stored on trays in compartments that unlock automatically.

Visitors at CeMAT 2014 were able to witness live demonstrations of this improved retrieval management concept. Instead of having to enter an access code at the control terminal, the user has a transponder chip to take care of user authorization.

Existing Lean-Lifts® can also be retrofitted with the VendiShelf system.
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 User authorization via transponder chip.
The Hänel Rotomat® heavy-duty system is the right solution when it comes to storing weighty items
Hänel Rotomat® industrial storage systems can easily cope with heavy and bulky storage items. Offering standard widths up to 11.22 ft (greater widths are also possible), maximum standard carrier payloads of up to 1,650 lbs and total payloads of up to 30,800 lbs per unit, the Hänel Rotomat® is the ideal heavy-duty automated storage system.

The powerful 2-motor drive system and robust design of the multifunction carriers, along with the 4-point sliding carriage suspension, make the Hänel Rotomat® the optimal system for the metalworking industry.

The Hänel Lean-Lift® is also known for its ability to store medium to large-sized components that are extremely heavy.

Top performance with low energy consumption!
More information about Hänel Rotomat® systems is available here…
More information about Hänel Lean-Lift® systems is available here…

 Since 1978 Hänel has been designing and producing Rotomat® heavy-duty storage systems having over 10 tons of storage capacity.
The Hänel MP 12 N controller
One controller – four operating modes
Flexibility in new dimensions

Whether you use the Hänel storage systems as stand-alone solutions with integrated inventory management, or want to integrate the Hänel control units into a higher-level ERP system – the top controller MP 12 N from Hänel has everything already built-in.

There are four different operating modes available, so you can choose the right one for your storage management.

Integrated in the Hänel control system
MP 12 N are four operating modes:
  • MP 12 N-StandAlone
  • MP 12 N-HostWeb
  • MP 12 N-HostCom
  • MP 12 N-HostData
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 The integrated web browser in the MP 12 N-HostWeb supports the use of HänelSoft® at the system control unit.
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