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Brian Cohen's 10th anniversary at the company
The Hänel company extends its warmest congratulations to Brian Cohen, Chief Executive of Hänel Storage Systems USA in Pittsburgh, on his 10-year anniversary.
To mark the occasion, Mr Joachim Hänel has written an open letter.
Letter from Joachim Hänel to Brian Cohen, Chief Executive of Hänel USA, on his 10th anniversary at the company.
Dear Brian,

It was exactly 10 years ago today that you took up your position at Hänel. These 10 years have flown by and yet in a society that is marked by constant change, these 10 years can be seen as a sign of loyalty and I also interpret them as a sign that you feel at home here.

Everything in life has its time, and it was just the right moment when our paths crossed and you came to Hänel. The expectations invested in you may have been high. But you exceeded those expectations by far. You carried on the Hänel success story in the US and developed it further. You turned a sales organization into a company. Hänel USA has, through you and your team, become an important and inseparable part of the Hänel Group. It's impossible to imagine the company without you. For a long time now you have been a Hänel man and have become part of this Hänel family. I'm especially pleased about that.

Your vision and your gift for thinking outside the box strengthen not only the organization in the US, but provide the entire Hänel Group with valuable input in terms of new ideas and inspirations.

Your readiness to chart new and unknown paths, to cast aside old assumptions and, as I already said, to think outside the box – this is what I appreciate about you. Nothing can be taken for granted in this life, and I think you are streets ahead of others in your knowledge of this.

It means it is always important to me to hear your opinion, and I will always have an open ear and full appreciation for your views.

In addition to your work for Hänel in the NAFTA countries and parts of South America, you are also active as the Chairman of the AS/RS Product Section in the MHIA (the Material Handling Industry of America). I think I can safely say that this commitment has proved extremely useful to our sector.

Let me now congratulate you on your 10-year anniversary and thank you for the wonderful and highly successful cooperation we have enjoyed in these years. I wish you every success and pleasure in your work as you go forward in your career . I would like to express my personal thanks for your dedicated work, and my hopes for a continuation in the same spirit for many years to come.

Kind regards,
Joachim Hänel (CEO Hänel Group)
Photo (from right to left):

Brian Cohen (Chief Executive - Hänel Storage Systems, Pittsburgh)

Joachim Hänel (CEO - Hänel Group)

Michael Fanning (National Sales Manager - Hänel Storage Systems, Pittsburgh)
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