Cool systems
Automated storage in a controlled atmosphere
Optimum solutions for storage
in temperature-controlled
The quality requirements that consumer and industrial goods have to meet are becoming increasingly stringent and far-reaching. Many products today, ranging from highly sensitive components in the electronics industry (such as the delicate surfaces of semiconductor products) to sensitive substances in the chemical and pharmaceutical industries, need to be stored under very specific, defined conditions.
With its automated ClimateStore® systems, Hänel offers future-oriented solutions that are suitable for all air-controlled environments.
The systems are flexible and can be free-standing or installed so that they dock into existing rooms.
Illustrated on the page is a Hänel ClimateStore® Lean-Lift®, networked with other Lean-Lifts®.

It is used to stock temperature-sensitive medicines at a constant 5 degrees Celsius. The efficacy of the climate chamber is ensured by an automatically closing door and the Hänel high-speed door.
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