The Hänel Extractor
Highest horizontal speeds
 High horizontal speeds
 Extractor design of lightweight construction
Unique extractor design
• The variable design of the extractor with its lightweight construction, including elements used in bridge engineering, provides maximum stability and rigidity.
• Later adaptation of the extractor width is possible.
• High running speeds ensure quick access to the stored items.
Vertical speed in ft/s:
with empty extractor 5.8
with loaded extractor 4.3*
Horizontal speed in ft/s:
Transverse movement 3.3
Container infeed/ outfeed 1.6
*At maximum container load
 4-chain system for optimum extractor guidance
Cutting-edge, low-noise 4-chain technology
• Roller chains are durable, no fatigue failures.
• Long life cycle.
• No replacement at service intervals necessary.
• Roller chains perform with optimum efficiency.
• Exact positioning thanks to maximum rigidity.
• Inspection doors on both sides as standard.
 The Hänel high-speed door
The Hanel high-speed door
• No waiting – one operator can perform order picking at two access points.
• At units with 2 access openings, users can retrieve at one and store at the other simultaneously.
• Safeguards the access point at the rear.
• Fast access guaranteed thanks to running speeds of up to 1 meter / 3.3 ft per second.
• Long life cycle and high rigidity with aluminum profiles.
• Optimum flow of movement with frequency converter.
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