‘The robust construction of the Hänel Lean-Lift® meets our requirements exactly!’
Incoming goods, production and dispatch – Hänel Lean-Lifts® are in use everywhere
Company: CARTOOL GmbH
Location: 85131 Pollenfeld
Employees: 130
Business: Special tools for motor
Storage systems: 6 Hänel Lean-Lifts®
Goods stored: Jigs, bought-in and standard parts as well as finished and semi-finished products
For more than 30 years the Cartool company has been producing special-purpose and customized tools and machines primarily for the automotive industry.

3 storage areas are provisioned exclusively by Hänel Storage Systems. Articles and components are buffered in a Lean-Lift® in the incoming goods department.

Another Lean-Lift® stands in the production hall where jigs and clamping tools are stored next to the production machines.

Finished products and spare parts are stored in 4 Lean-Lifts® and made ready for dispatch.

Another example of the many applications for Hänel Storage Systems.
Mr. Johann Schreiner
Head of Assembly
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