‘Work time slashed by tool storage directly in the production hall!’
The Hänel Lean-Lift® – a high-tech tool store for the production of precision components
Company: Müller Präzisionsteile GmbH
Location: 90602 Pyrbaum
Employees: 100
Business: Automotive supplier, race cars,
mechanical engineering
Storage systems: 2 Hänel Lean-Lifts®
1 Hanel Rotomat® Industrial Carousel
Goods stored: Tools for CNC machines
Müller Präzisionsteile manufactures a wide range of components for the race car industry.
Racing series such as Formula One are supplied with high-tech components from the Müller production line.

Tool preparation is the central department that provisions the respective processing centers with the necessary tools. For this reason 2 Hanel Lean-Lifts® are installed centrally in the production hall.

Cutters, lathe heads and small tools – all these components are stored in a protected environment.

Quick and convenient access to the tools was one of the criteria for purchasing the Hanel Lean-Lifts®. The minimal floorspace requirements thanks to vertical storage was the deciding factor that enabled all the tools to be stored centrally.
Mr. Harald Bierth
Head of Production
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