‘Whether it’s tools or Euro pallets – Hänel offers the optimal storage solution!’
Two Hanel Lean-Lifts® as pallet and materials stores with access through multiple floors
Company: Norbert Kempf
CNC-Technik GmbH
Location: 66386 St. Ingbert
Employees: 50
Business: Manufacture of precision
Storage systems: 1 Hänel Lean-Lift®
1 Hänel Lean-Lift® pallet store
Goods stored: CNC tools and products
The Norbert Kempf company in St. Ingbert specializes in the production of customized, high precision individual and serial parts using state-of-the-art techniques and processing centers.

The workpieces range from simple turned parts to sophisticated components that are processed on multiple axes and supplied to the hydraulic, pneumatic, construction-machinery and automotive industries.

Two Hänel Lean-Lifts® are in operation at Kempf. One of these Lean-Lifts® is used for storing tools and consumable supplies.

There is a retrieval point on each of the two floors. This guarantees access to the stored items on each level.

The second Lean-Lift® is also integrated over two floors with two retrieval points and is used as a pallet store. Euro-pallets loaded with components are buffered here for the dispatch department and sent to the quality control section on the first floor. So it serves not only as a store but also as a means of transport.

The lifts were painted at the Hänel factory in the company colors, so they blend into the modern building perfectly.
Mr. Stefan Kempf
Chief Executive
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