A future-oriented concept –
realized with Hanel storage systems
Clearly arranged storage of pharmaceutical products
Thanks to the Hänel storage systems, large quantities of pharmaceutical and health-care products can be neatly stored on a minimal footprint.

The stored items are protected from dust and damage by the closed system.

Automatic height-optimized storage guarantees maximumcapacity utilization. LED displays at the retrieval point ensure that the required items are accessed safely and error-free.

Orders are processed at the storage systems and booked directly on the Hänel control units.
Optimal integration into the IT system
The enterprise resource system of the pharmacy communicates with the Hänel microprocessor control units.

All storage and retrieval operations are managed centrally.

This guarantees a continuous up-to-date overview of the stock situation, and replenishment orders are generated automatically.

Access to the required items is quick, reliable and error-free.
Work efficiency maximized with the barcode scanner
All the articles in an order have a barcode. When the order is scanned in, the Hänel storage system brings the required drugs quickly to the retrieval point at an ergonomic height.

To eliminate any errors, the retrieved items are scanned once again, and only booked out if everything tallies.

This concept has been used successfully in many central pharmacies in hospitals for years.

Thanks to the Hänel systems, inner-city pharmacies with limited space are still able to store large quantities of articles, which allows them to supply a wide range of different customers.
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